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Firestop with Actifoam withstands three-hour fire test

Multi-cable and Cable-tray Firestop Penetrations

CSD FIRSTO® firestops are designed to seal multi-cable and cable tray penetrations of fire-rated walls or floors. FIRSTO® utilizes a metal frame that encompasses the entire cable run, cable tray with cable or bus duct at the point of penetration. Fire-resistant cellular rubber inter-layered with intumescent pads provides a U.L. classified firestop for up to four hours.

10 reasons to count on CSD FIRSTO for your firestop needs

  1. Units accept any cable size and quantity.
  2. Installs before or after tray and cable.
  3. Cable maintenance and changes are simple and easy - no additional parts needed.
  4. UL classified for walls and floors.
  5. Can be used in hazardous, exterior, and wet environments.
  6. Ease of specification substantially reduces engineering and design time.
  7. Nontoxic, chemically-neutral materials contain no halogens, formaldehyde or asbestos.
  8. Standard sizes fit virtually all floor and wall applications.
  9. FIRSTO units are widely used and have been thoroughly tested worldwide.
  10. You can count on Dorn Equipment for ISO 9001-compliant quality, just-in-time supply, and outstanding technical support. Our experienced fire safety engineers are available to assist you every step of the way, from design through installation.

Installation Instructions & Sample Specifications

Part Numbering

To assure the correct material is specified and ordered please use the following part numbering system.


This prefix is the type of unit. FSP is a fire stop penetration and WSP is a weather stop unit.


The size of the unit is found by using the design guide or the sizing chart.


The suffix denotes the type of finish or steel used for the casing. EP is for painted steel, HDG is for hot dip galvanized steel, and SS is for stainless steel.

MSDS Sheets

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UL Classified

The following are our current UL listings. We have done testing at other independent testing facilities and can provide that information as needed.

  • C-AJ-4069 - 2, 3-hour systems for installation on concrete floors or walls
  • W-L-4053 - 1 or 2 hour systems for installation on gypsum board/stud walls
  • W-L-8057 - 1 or 2 hour systems for installation on gypsum board/stud walls

Search UL Web site by UL File Number

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