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WSP Weatherstop Units

Multi-cable and Cable-tray Weatherstop Penetrations

WSP weatherstops are designed to seal penetrations of any type in walls or floors by cable tray, cable conduit, pipe and/or bus duct. The WSP system utilizes a powder coated or galvanized steel frame that encompasses the entire tray or duct at the point of penetration. These steel frames are chemical, water and corrosion
resistant and are suitable for all outdoor environments. Water-resistant pads are layered in the frame and coated with a silicone-based sealant to provide a weathertight seal. Now with NOFIRNO® sealant.

10 reasons to count on WSP for your weatherseal needs

  1. WSP units accept any cable size and quantity.
  2. Our units install before or after tray and cable.
  3. Cable maintenance and changes are simple and easy no additional parts are needed.
  4. Our units are NEMA classified up to 4X.
  5. They can be used in hazardous, exterior, and wet environments.
  6. Ease of specification substantially reduces engineering and design time.
  7. Non-toxic, chemically-neutral materials contain no halogens, formaldehyde or asbestos.
  8. Standard sizes fit virtually all floor and wall applications.
  9. WSP units are widely used and have been thoroughly tested worldwide.
  10. You can count on Dorn Equipment for ISO 9001-compliant quality, just-in-time supply, and outstanding technical support. Our experienced fire safety engineers are available to assist you every step of the way, from design through installation.

Typical WSP Weatherstop Unit Construction

Our weatherstop units are specifically designed for applications where fire is not a concern. As easy to install and maintain as our fire-rated units, each WSP unit consists of three basic components:

  1. Powder coated or galvanized steel frame
  2. Sponge rubber pads, and
  3. NOFIRNO® sealant

The COATED STEEL frames of the units are attached to the wall or floor and hold the other components in place. The frame can be opened and closed repeatedly to allow for cable maintenance and additions.

The sponge rubber pads are compressed around the penetrating items and can be easily cut to fit around large cables, cable trays or ducting. The sponge provides a structural backing for the NOFIRNO sealant. The NOFIRNO sealant is a highly elastomeric silicon compound (see our NOFIRNO MSDS sheet) that is applied to the outer edge of the units. This caulking provides a water-and chemical-resistant barrier, making the unit a very effective seal.

These weatherstop seals are rated NEMA 4X.


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